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Boscastle on the North Cornish Coast

Boscastle, about 45 miles from The Sail Loft Studio, Looe, sits on the North Cornish coast in a narrow natural harbour, the town hugs 2 valleys of the Valency and the Jordan rivers and in 2004 suffered extensive damage due to flooding. The town has been rebuilt and re-energised and is a thriving community with interesting galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants, the walk along the South West Coast Path to the Boscastle National Coast Watch station is spectacular, not strenuous but well worth the short walk from Boscastle and the Harbour.

The walk gives one a brilliant view of the harbour and rugged coastline and on to the headland where the station, once a summer house to the Rickard Avery family built in the the 1800’s, it is now leased from the National Trust by the National Coast Watch Institution and serves as a lookout post watching out for all water users within their area.

Sea Pinks coating the sides of Boscastle Harbour

Sea Pinks coat the grassy sides of the tidal harbour valley and the clear waters are busy with commercial and pleasure boats taking advantage of the tides.